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News Archive > General > Clamped while fixing gas leak

Clamped while fixing gas leak

By 30th June 2010

A van attending a gas leak in St Austell has been clamped by a callous parking attendant — then emergency workers were forced to use sledgehammers to free their vehicles.
On Sunday, a Wales and West Utilities van and trailer was targeted by a Premier Park clamper at Old Vicarage Place while attending a gas leak.
The first van to arrive was told to park on the road by the clamper, but the second with a trailer was unable to do so without blocking the pedestrian crossing.
The van parked in the Premier Park patrolled car park and originally a car clamp was attached to the vehicle, but the Premier Park employee soon returned with two large van clamps.
The police were called, who spoke to the clamper and to his boss on the phone to negotiate with the company.
Witnesses have told the Voice that the boss arrived at the scene and said the clamps could be removed, but then drove away with the keys to the locks.
The clamping boss gave Wales and West Utilities permission to remove the clamps by force, and sledge hammers were used.
Bystander Rhoma Collins, 31, of Stenalees, said: “I was in disbelief. When I realised it was a gas leak I thought they shouldn’t be thinking about fines when there is a gas leak next to the British Legion Club’s smoking garden.”
Wales and West Utilities has confirmed that their emergency repair vehicle was clamped by a private company.

By 30th June 2010

deborah venner 7th July 2010 00:08
i have never seen anything so disgracefull in all my stead of the gas broad going to save these lives the got thugs there waiting to clamp. didnt they think how many lives could have been taken. i do no these clampers are far to much money. i just hope one of there famiels are not put in a life situation . lets see if they get clamped i think not.
Richard Wells 4th August 2010 15:29
It is high time that private clamping companies were outlawed. They have no commonsense and their only interest is in making money out of motorists. The only people allowed to clamp should be councils or the police direct and not even contracting it out.
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